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Jon Dugger is a father of three, husband of one. He fancies himself an artist, analyst, and adventurer and loves spending time with his family and friends. During the day Jon helps people see insights in their data differently, or at least tries. Below are some information visualizations created with Tableau Software, that his ego, Jimmy Dale, expects you to love.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Art of Tableau

What makes Tableau so unique and fluid? From the very beginning, Tableau was built around the visual and iterative analytical thought process. VizQL is the process that translates human drag and drops into tuned queries that are returned as pictures, which creates that iterative and effortless conversation that you want to have with your data. No wizards, no templates, no awkwardness. Where does your data want to go today?

Take a look at these "Superstore" works of art and you'll begin to see the untethered ability of Tableau Desktop.


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